How to Release Equity From Your Property Portfolio

We as investors or home owners are always looking for opportunities to release equity from our current properties, whether is for personal use (renovations or debt consolidation) or to find addition funds to help with deposits for future investment.


This video will give you a holistic approach on 3 different ways you can release the equity from your property portfolio. It outlines what you need to do prior to any loan applications being done, and what costs could be involved in doing so. If you would like more information on how to release equity from your property portfolio, please contact us direct on 1300 709 985.



 How Much Can I Borrow?

Lenders have different lending policies and servicing ratios which can affect the amount you can borrow. Lenders look at 2 major factors when assessing your financial situation.

  • What is the value of the security on offer, or cash available to complete the purchase.
  • Level of income to service the loan. We at Vogue financial solutions have some of the most up to date systems which will enable us to identify your borrowing capacity within minutes. Contact us direct with your household income, list of liabilities and what you wish to achieve (refinance, purchase, invest…)

Should You Have A Fixed Rate  Loan?

There are both advantages and disadvantages when deciding to fix your loan. Advantages: You loan repayments will stay exactly the same through the duration of the fixed period. If the RBA increases the official cash rate, you interest and loan repayments will remain unchanged and this type of option is more suitable for those who want peace of mind.
Disadvantages: If the interest rates drop, your interest rate will again remain the same. With fixed loans, you can make a few extra repayments per year but it doesn’t allow you the flexibility to repay more off your loan. Fixed rates are generally higher than the standard variable rate.