About Us

Our company’s most important strengths is that we are enthusiastic, highly motivated for success, and have a great ability to workshop and problem solve most loan scenarios. This has been apparent to us in the past 2 years when the GFC hit the Global economy. We will help clients obtain financial approvals where others have failed.

With our combined experience, knowledge and problem solving ability, we can now separate ourselves from other brokers by offering the customer a higher possibility of success for their finance application and create a very personalised service. Knowing full well the Global Credit Crunch has put a tight grip on funding, a lot of the banks have changed the lending criteria’s. Both applicants and brokers are having problems with their submissions, and this is becoming an issue for clients obtaining finance approvals. We at Vogue FS will stop at nothing to find the clients’ financial solution.

Whilst Vogue Financial Solutions has over 40 years combined experience in the lending industry, our main focus is our clients financial needs. ‘Clients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’. Vogue FS will be carefully guiding the clients in a simple yet informative exercise when it comes to selecting their financial structure.


“Deliver the highest level of service to our existing and future clientele to ensure that VOGUE Financials Solutions is foremost in their minds when it comes to residential leading and family financial security”

Kyle Marshall
Managing Director
Kyle has been involved in residential investment and mortgage brokering for over 6 years. He has brought in a professional attitude in helping clients to find the right loan product maximising interest savings and debt management. Kyle has been successful in achieving approvals where others have failed, thus bringing creditability and respect within the mortgage industry but more importantly getting the right result for our clients.
Sue Imlach
Loan Administrator
Sue has been working within the real estate & finance industry for more than 20 years. Sue’s roll is to ensure the processing of our client loan applications are meet and provide customer support throughout the finance journey.
Michael Baldwin
Client Relationship Manager
Michael has over 20 years’ experience in the real estate & finance industry. Michael’s role is to support our clients with every part of their financial experience with Vogue Financial Solutions.
Melissa Purnell
Risk & Financial Advisor
Melissa has over 5 years’ experience with Risk Management & Life Insurance. Melissa’s role is to offer the clients the right strategy for their financial needs and to ensure their experience is a pleasurable one.
Dennett Whiteman
Senior Strategist
Dennett has been working within the Financial Planning industry for over 15 years. His experience and strategic advice is layered around Transition to Retirement & Income allocations. Dennett will provide support to our clients when looking to not only transition to their retirement, but bring valuable experience in assisting with investment choices to achieve our clients’ outcome.
Lee Dunn
Superannuation & Investment
Lee has over 10 years consulting experience within the Recruitment and Financial Planning organisations. Lee’s role is to assist our clients with maintaining communication and investment support when it comes to achieving their financial objectives.
Lina Vrbancic
Lending Strategist & Support
Lina has been working within the banking industry for over 5 years and understand the importance of helping people throughout the application process. Lina is very focused on helping our clientele achieve the right lending structure (whether is for personal, investment or self-managed super) and ensure it is in line with our clients objectives.